Thic Duc (Human Monk played by Dean)

A monk from a distant land (Nyrond), Thic Duc walks the earth in search of impressionable individuals who can be brought to perceive the truth of the one true god. So far, he has successfully converted two people: Kriselle's parents. He would desperately like to complete the set, and the two have spent many hours discussing philosophy, fungi, and religion while peacefully fishing for mushrooms. However, they both felt that there was more to the world than could be found living such a peaceful and sedate life, and now they travel the world in search of adventure, self-improvement, and wealth. To be donated to the poor, of course. Eventually.

His personal ambitions include wall-punching and experiencing every possible way of being knocked unconscious by traps. He would also like to remind the church of Pholtus on Oerth that Pholtus is the only true god, and all the others are imposters.

Due to a quirk in his native language of Nyrondese, in which the letter K does not exist, Thic Duc is sometimes spelled Thick Duck in common. Any resemblance to wide waterfowl is purely coincidental.

Due to a quirk in the Castle Greyhawk dungeons, Thic Duc was accidentally reincarnated in the body of a spiritual messenger of Pholtus.

Barron (Half-Elven Property Redistribution Specialist played by Matt)

In an illustrious start to his career in Rookroost, Barron was betrayed by his guildmates and sold into slavery on his first day at work. Orientation is a bitch.

Elward Alden is his real name, but when he doesn't trust people he gives out one of his many handles (he is currently using Barron). Raised a bastard love child of a human father and elf mother, he was always looked down upon in the elf community for being a half breed. Some where in his teens he decided to abandon the elf community entirely, tired of the ridicule. He ran away with his childhood friend, Leah another half elf never looking back. They formed a treasure hunting duo, stealing everything that wasn't nailed down... and some things that were. While he would never admit it to anyone, he has never stolen from the poor or innocent that he is aware of.

Recently a group of guards (in another town besides Rookroost and Saltmarsh) got wind of their treasure hunting operation and tried to catch them red handed... being 2 steps ahead of the guards they gave away all their accumulated wealth and treasure to the townsfolk. Leaving them broke and watched by the guards, they fled town again to start over else where. Upon coming to Rookroost Elward learned of a thieves guild and set out to join as a means to improve his skills and ultimately make a butt load of gold.

Barron has a serious distrust for most of the world, especially elves, slavers, and authority figures. He is the more rash decision maker, sometimes letting anger cloud his judgement.

Barron originally carried a stuffed falcon in a cage strapped to his waist. The poor falcon has now suffered the indignity of having Animate Dead used to bring it back to life, complete with stitched on goblin hands, inverted wings, and a goblin-tooth mohawk. The bird now rides on a specially designed perch mounted on Pyro's armor, wearing (when not in flight) a cloak made of white sailcloth. It has been thoroughly plucked and the original features replaced with goosedown from a pillow and glue.

Leah (Half-elven Ranger played by Mariel)

Leah is a ranger whose association with Barron keeps them both in a moral grey area. Her father was an elf, and her mother was a human mage who went insane. Having more elfish features physically (than Elward) she was less teased about being a half elf... but everyone talked behind her back about being the daughter of a crazed mage. She ran away with Elward to escape her past and became the smarter, more level headed half of the treasure hunting duo. She tend to prefer working in the shadows and at a distance, covering Elward with her bow. She has no issues with theft from people she deems unworthy of their riches (typically the rich and especially the mean spirited), or the dead. She was doing some recon on a possible mark the night of Elward's kidnapping and blames herself for not having his back the one time he needed it. She had been waiting in Rookroost for news of his return, where she became acquainted with Kriselle at the Pearly Gates Inn. She joined the party when the group brought the cargo of the Sea Ghost into Rookroost.

Leah travels with a war dog named Pyro (AC: 6, HD 2+2, 14 hp, 1 bite attack for 2d4 damage). Pyro travels with an animated avian zombie perched on its back and has been trained to launch the bird into the air, as well as commands to attack and heel.

Elion (Half-elven magic-user played by Jonathan)

Elion wears both a robe and a cloak even while at sea, ensuring certain death by drowning in yards of soaked clothing should he fall overboard for longer than a few minutes without the rest of the party nearby to rescue him. He has few qualms about using his magic to influence his party members, though in his defense, a barbarian not under the influence of a Charm Person spell would likely kill him sooner. Death by a barbarian who just made his saving throw against a Charm Person spell at least has the virtue of being chronologically removed from the moment of first meeting. And besides, perhaps the horse will sing after all.

Kevin (Human druid played by Nathan)

Traveled with the party from Rookroost to Castle Greyhawk. Decided he hated being a courier and took up a new career exploring dungeons. His personality has steadily evolved from happy-go-lucky nature druid to decidedly unhappy red of tooth and claw nature druid. But the Band of Misfits is all about making the world a better place, right?

Griff (Halfing thief played by Dennis)

Griff is a halfling from "The Shire", a fictional location that does not exist within Oerth.

Hargrimm (Human fighter played by Adam)

Hargrimm joined the party when they rescued him from a life of servitude and watery home improvement beneath the evil sahuagin. His past, for the moment, remains a mystery.

Gunnar (Human fighter played by Coby)

Gunnar joined the party when they rescued him from a life of servitude and watery home improvement beneath the evil sahuagin. His past, for the moment, remains a mystery.

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