Michael (Human Cleric played by Larry)

Michael is a mid level cleric and he's fine with that. He's older than some others and a wiser too. He's also fairly charismatic, not enough to found his own cult, at least not yet, but enough to influence those he is close to and keep the attention of small crowds with short folksy homilies. His holy symbol is shaped like his favorite weapons, hammers. His faith is in the effort of a blacksmith to mold the lives of men, knowing that it is not easy and that blows shape the medal best in crisis, in fire, during times of change and upheaval. So he is out in the world looking for companions and crisis, so that he may mold them as and when he can, mold them into better versions of themselves.

Michael knows healing arts (though his patients have mixed opinions), reserving his magic for his second purpose, to preserve his friends from evil until they can be molded as his god desires, and to that purpose his few granted spells involve detection and protection from evil. Je also knows the voice, or command, but is only capable of simple one-word commands. So far in his travels he has supported himself with fishing, and the occasional protection spell. He is affable and easily likable, so he has been hanging out with Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, often doing their talking for them or helping them get into places they couldn't otherwise. He also tends to get more information from people as they trust a cleric and especially his sort of cleric.

As his traveling companions now include a wizard who enchants his companions without provocation, a reincarnated being with a divine calling that denies his diety, and a thief who delights in his pet zombie falcon, it's unclear who is influencing whom exactly.

Kriselle (Human Fighter played by Mary)

Kriselle's personality so far appears to consist of an inordinate curiosity about rot grubs and a knack for negotiations with merchants, leavened with a healthy respect for the dead that has helped her to avoid awkward moments like greeting a reborn Fred wearing his armor. In fact, her talent and desire for negotiation has expanded to favor negotiating on behalf of some of the creatures the party has come across in their travels, suggesting that if they harmless and pose no threat, it might not be necessary to exterminate them utterly and burn their corpses. So far, this has been less than completely successful.

Philip Kendricke (Magic-User played by Todd)

Phil is a young and inexperienced magic user. His parents left behind their Dunwich farmstead in order to take up studies, eventually becoming academics in the history of magic. They had Phil late in life, their only child, and he was raised in an open and inquisitive environment. Having recently completed his studies, Phil has returned to the Dunwich area to visit extended family and to see what adventures may be available.

Despite being an attractive young man, Phil is detached from most people and is basically a guileless nerd. Having lived a life of academia, Phil is desperately eager to experience the world beyond books. Aware of his weaknesses as an adventurer, he is looking to find capable compatriots with which to commiserate.

Phil tries to live up to a self-imposed idea of modesty, wearing simple robes and carrying a crudely handmade wooden staff. Nonetheless, the gate guards at Rookroost keep trying to charge him with the "mage tax".

Garmanargar (Half-Orc Fighter played by Jennifer)

Garmanargar signed up with the party as muscle to help capture the Sea Ghost, after being contacted by her friend Phil. During the capture, she succombed to a poison gas trap that has left her unresponsive to revival attempts so far.

Further details of this character's history have been redacted until the player provides it to the DM.

Beroch (Human barbarian played by Sean)

Travels with a goat and a keg in search of better beer than barbarians can brew. On his first day in civilization, fell to conversation with a cleric. On his second day in civilization, signed up for an ocean cruise with a wizard, and was immediately ensorcelled. There are reasons barbarians hate magic.

Larry's Characters

Fafhrd (Half-orc fighter)

Fafhrd is the offspring of Grog and Juliet. He has lived in and around Dunwitch most of his life. He is large, even for a half-orc, and, as if to emphasize this, he fights exclusively with a two-handed sword, which he has made his specialty. He is proficient with a dagger and a short bow as well, but they most often used for hunting and cleaning of game. He is calm of demeanor, and generally prefers not to speak except to his friend the mouser, although when drinking, he reveals a wonderful singing voice. His mother is also said to have a beautiful singing voice but she doesn't drink like she used to, so few have heard it of late.

Fafhrd swims whenever he gets the chance, and credits this for his pleasant smell, and blames the mouser's dislike of water for his. He is also proficient with rope use, which often comes in handy due to his roguish line of work.

Gray Mouser (Halfling thief)

Gray Mouser is an orphan from a far distant city. Fafhrd knows it to be a great coastal city, but not much more. Mouser is secretive. He survived his childhood and intends to survive this part of his life as well, and much like childhood he plans to do that in shadow and darkness if he can, at least for work and when not at work he hopes to spend it in ale houses. Mouser is cynical of speech, but harbors hidden passions and will surprise his companions with his treatment of those truly in need. Fafhrd is his balance, quiet of speech, passionate of action but deeply practical, whereas the mouser can be carried away by whims and the promise of entertainment.

The gray mouser likes to blend in, and disappear and to do this he learned long ago you can't look intimidating or most especially armed. So he became proficient at blind fighting, and simple weapons like daggers and slings. A sling can hide as a belt or a loose bit of leather, and its bullets can fill a purse like a coin purse, looking safe and respectable at the same time. When he's not working, he likes to dress with style and flair, but being poor, this is not yet pulled off convincingly. In addition to blind-fighting he also has excellent direction sense, and the ability to use rope, on par with Fafhrd's.

Karl's Characters

Burgess (Half-Elven Thief)

He doesn't like to discuss it much but Burgess comes from a long and proud family history of membership in the Foresters. His grandfather, father, and brother, Haros, are all proud members and groomed Burgess from childhood to one day join them. He studied and trained for years to finally begin his apprenticeship but was almost instantly rejected for being unable to meet their rigorous physical requirements. When news of his rejection reached his family, it brought Burgess great shame and shortly after he ran away from home. Without the path that he had laid out for him his entire life, he was lost and came to Dunwitch in search of a purpose. Unable to find steady work, he quickly fell into a life of petty crime to scrape together money for food and shelter. Eventually, he caught wind of an adventuring crew looking for members and saw a way to make something of himself. Perhaps one day he can return to his family with his head held high...

Kiros (Human Cleric)

He worships the deity Fharlanghn, the Dweller on the Horizon, who insists that everyone should travel in order to discover and learn new things. He was initiated by being sent away from his home village to seek out new experiences and to record his journey for the church. Naturally, his task was not defined with a beginning or end, which is not uncommon for worshipers of Fharlanghn. Many believe they continue on this initial journey for the remainder of their lives as Burgess hopes to. He does his best to offer aid and comfort wherever his travels take him. Never one to sit idle for long, he's always listening when a call goes out for help.

Baccarus (Dwarf Fighter)

He's come to Dunwitch seeking adventure and treasure! Once part of a stonemason crew, he grew tired of his old life dealing with nothing but inanimate earth day and night. He would listen intently as the older dwarves in his company would rattle on and on about unbelievable (and likely fabricated) stories about their younger days traveling across The Bandit Kingdoms. After scraping together some savings, he purchased a 2 handed sword and began training with it every day. After a year of saving and training, he finally felt ready to set out and pursue his dreams of adventure. When the call went out for adventurers in Dunwitch, he left immediately to join the cause!

Dean's Characters

Falgert (Human Cleric)

Nameless (Human Druid)

Mary's Characters

Nameless (Human Magic-User)

Nameless (Elven Thief)

Active characters.

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