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Session Summary

The 23rd full game session. Dean (Thic Duc), Matt (Barron), Mariel (Leah), and Jon (Elorion), are returning cast members.

As we left the party, their weapons heist had succeeded, and most of the party were hiding out in the Saltmarsh manor with Guildmistress Elena. Michael had previously traveled (with Elorion's corpse) to Saltmarsh, in order to invoke the Adventure Capitalist's insurance policy and have him raised from the dead to continue his adventure.

Elorian gasped back to life under the tender ministrations of the Saltmarsh herbalist, watched over by a strangely silent Michael. Before long he reconnected with the rest of the group hiding out in the previously-haunted manor. After a stop to refresh their provisions, the group journeyed back into the swamp.

Their first stop was at the bullywogs. Those simple creatures, most of their warriors already dead at the party's hands but ignorant of the identity of their killers, were willing to make a another deal. Barron offered their women and tadpoles shelter in their former home, under the loving protection and care of the lizard folk, in return for aid from their warriors in dealing with the aquatic sahuagin. Their small unit of three warriors were to be used as cannon fodder scouts.

The lizard folk described their plan. The bulk of their warriors would train with the weapons the party had retrieved for them, while the party itself, along with their slaves friends the Scooby Gang and the small bullywog unit, would scout their old lair. A small unit of lizardfolk would accompany the group to provide backup and numerical support. After the scouting mission, a full assault would follow with all of the lizardfolk forces.

Discussing matters with the Scooby Gang revealed some unexpected talents. Velma can apparently copy magic-user scrolls and thinks she might be able to use the scroll the party found with the instructions for Water Breathing. She's not sure it would do anything, but is willing to try it. The party arranged for 5 copies of the scroll to be made, just in case.

The party then interrogated the sahuagin prisoner. The prisoner initially claimed to be a noble triton, a race of inherently good humanoids who dwell beneath the waves. However, the party did not buy it. After convincing the prisoner that they had cast a spell that would blow up his head if he lied, he admitted the truth: he was a sahuagin and his people had indeed taken the ancestral lair of the lizardfolk from them. He had been captured by the lizardfolk while away from the lair. His people's god of the sea has, according to the prisoner, taken steps to improve the suitability of the island for his people. This has something to do with rising waters and drowning those on land... but the details are not clear, as his monologue was interrupted by Barron's relatively unprovoked attack.

Lashing out with a surprising number of teeth, claws, and flippers, the sahuagin fought back against the whole party's somewhat coordinated (after a moment of surprise) assault. Elorion's Charm Person spell took effect just as the creature bled out the last of its fishy ichor, and the dead, fishy eyed gazed upon the half-elven wizard with a love that will go forever unrequited.

Barron gleefully sold the corpse, bit by bit, to whoever wanted it... including the younger grandson of the lizardfolk chieftain, who wanted a trophy to mount on his wall, just like granddad...

After some discussion, the iridescent ioun stone (+1 level) was provided to Elorion, the deep red sphere (+1 dex) was given to Barron, and the pale green stone (sustains without air) was kept for general party use. The helm of underwater action was also kept for general use.

To be continued...



Roleplaying moments and quotables

Dangling Threads of Fate

PlayerCharacterLevelExperience TotalNext Level
DeanThic Duc4th16,010xp22,500xp

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