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Session Summary

The 28th full game session. Dean (Thic Duc), Matt (Barron), Mariel (Leah), Jon (Elion), and (Coby) Gunnar are returning cast members.

As we left the party, they were in dire straits, trapped between a squad of fish-men coming from behind, another squad out front with at least three leaders, their lizard allies absent, and a number of the party dead or missing. Shaggy was shark food, Hargrimm had been knocked unconscious by a blow to the head in the general melee, Scooby was a shishkabob and Fred was somewhere outside the doors where Thic Duc was being dragged, semiconscious, away from his friends. Velma was out of tricks, Kevin the druid was fighting a last stand against an entire squad from the south, and everyone was running low on healing potions, and the party motto -- Grab the body and run! -- was looking like better advice by the minute.

As stated by Guildmistress Elena, the party's goals were:

Step one was to close the doors, hopefully allowing the party to defend from a fortified position against the sahuagin just outside while cleaning up the remaining sahuagin inside the lair. They accomplished this rapidly, while the sahuagin were distracted fighting the spider that had suddenly appeared in their ranks. Leah stepped up and began firing through the arrow slits in the door. Two of the leaders faced off against the spider, neither being very effective against the other. The priestess began directing her troops to push themselves through the arrow slits -- the bones of such fishy creatures being compressible, similar to octopi (but less so). Barron immediately slashed one with his saber, which appeared to kill the sahuagin warrior while he was still trapped.. but a moment later, and some chanting by the priestess, and the fishy warrior was active again and hungry for brains!

Daphne, in her squirrel-form, repeatedly scrambled up walls and along the ceiling, dropping from fish-men from above, but repeatedly miscalculated the distance she was able to travel while in the air. Daphne may be a squirrel, but she is not a flying squirrel.

Between the giant spider and the party's sniping through arrow slits, the sahuagin outside the door were whittled down and killed. The party hurriedly exited the lair and chased after their cart and the squad of sahuagin who were taking their captives (including Thic Duc and Fred) away into the swamp. They were able to catch up to the sahuagin, who move rather slowly on land, and defeat the small squad. The arrival of a somewhat withdrawn comrade, Michael the cleric, and a confused warhorse helped distract the fish-men during the assault.

At the end of the session, the party returned to the sahuagin lair, quickly surprising a replacement squad of fish-men who did not expect the criminals to return to the scene of the crime. After taking the gatehouse, however, they saw still more sahuagin within, already cleaning up the bodies. Sensing that they had stirred the nest up enough already, they chose to abandon Scooby's body inside the sahuagin lair, along with the halfing thief they met briefly, and Shaggy's shark-bitten shreds. They would instead return (with Fred's body) to Saltmarsh, sell the captured weaponry, possibly report to the lizardfolk, and consider their next plan of action.

To be continued...



Roleplaying moments and quotables

Dangling Threads of Fate

PlayerCharacterLevelExperience TotalNext Level
DeanThic Duc4th21,637xp22,500xp

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