Old School Gamers

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Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time

Session 12

Dean (Jared), Matt (Spinter Paw), Mariel (Ragash), Chris (Creeper), Jeff (Ford), Coby (Kyros), and James (Kraygen) are returning cast members.

We left the party in the middle of combat, Splinter Paw’s caterwauling having woken the entire village and Kraygen’s Thunderwave knocking out the majority of the remaining cultists.

Shortly thereafter, an angry dragon appeared, landing at the end of the fog and demanding to know what was going on. It seems he had been having a nap, and something had woken him up. He was promptly attacked by three zombies, and set about slicing and dicing them with his claws and teeth.

Seeing an opportunity, Jared moved in from the west and used Faerie Fire on the dragon. This helped the zombies land some blows, as well as arrows from Creeper and Ragash. Kyros scratched a few scales with Toll the Dead, and Splinter Paw used his Thunderwave to blast what was left of the zombies as well as the dragon.

Shaking his head from the barrage of painful spells and arrows coming from within the fog, the dragon huffed, and puffed, and poisoned Splinter Paw down – only Splinter Paw, luckily for Creeper, who was narrowly outside the area of effect. Kyros wasn’t feeling very safe either.

With the ash zombies destroyed, the dragon went after Jared, who narrowly survived by ducking at the right time. More arrows piled on, and the green-tinted lizard king was looking worse for wear. Meanwhile, Kyros was trying to figure out how to get to Splinter Paw and make sure he was ok – the cat’s strange silence was worrying!

Creeper released the fog he had been concentrating on the whole time, revealing Splinter Paw’s body, unconscious from poison. Kyros made his way there and healed the damage, while Kraygen prepared a spell. From the west, Ragash shot an arrow and then moved closer, dropping her bow and preparing to draw her longsword and fight in melee to save Jared.

Kraygen’s Dissonant Whispers combined with the dragon’s wounds caused the creature to thrust itself into the air and fly off – but not before Ragash, caught without a weapon in her hand, stepped forward to punch the dragon in the face! Reeling from the blow and bleeding from many other wounds, the great green lizard soared off to fight another day…

… except he had not taken into account the presence of Ford, who quickly ran to a vantage point close to the creature’s path, muttered the words to Magic Missile. Three magical bolts of force slammed into the dragon’s belly, by chance landing exactly where an arrow strike had already split the scale, and the dragon fell from the sky.

While the rest of the group searched the ruins of the town for treasure, Creeper tracked down the dragon’s crash-landing and cut a few dragon steaks for dinner. They cooked up well, but green dragons are poisonous, so the results were not appreciated… although Creeper loudly proclaimed that every burp, gurgle, and squirt were worth it!

To be continued…

Experience and Treasure

For reference: 200 cp = 20 sp = 2 ep = 1 gp = 1/5 pp

  • 714xp each

Roleplaying moments and quotables

  • Ragash punched the dragon
  • Ford killed the dragon with Magic Missile right before his mandatory union break
  • Creeper poisoned half the party with green dragon meat

Dangling Threads of Fate

  • A necromancer is excavating Old Owl Well
  • Reidoth the Druid is reclaiming Thundertree from ash zombies, cultists, and dragons: oh my!
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