Old School Gamers

Version 1

Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time

Session 2

The Lost Mines of Phandelver

Dean (Jared/Therizino), Matt (Kordaius/Spinter Paw), Mariel (Linaya/Ragash), Coby (Kyros/Azza), Jeff (Ford), and Chris (Creeper/Martyr) are returning cast members. James (Kraygen) joins us for the first time.

We left the group having been captured by goblins of the Cragmaw tribe on their way to Phandalin. We pick up the story with Ford, who had successfully evaded capture, heading to Phandalin to recruit a rescue party.

Ford’s rescue party consisted of: Martyr (a masked paladin), a pair of bards (Splinter Paw and Kraygen), Ragash (a fighter and bodyguard for Splinter), another fighter (Azza), and the warlock Therizino. Ford was able to lead them to the goblin’s cave, avoiding the traps along the pathway, and the group sent scouts forward to surprise the goblin guards at the entrance.

Moving into the cave, they were able to pacify the wolves with fresh meat at first. Azza proceeded forward, deeper into the cave, trying to reach the cave area to the left. The rest of the group were caught up with the wolves. When the goblins flooded the cave entrance again, they managed to remain together, with only Azza ahead on his own. The leader of the goblins, a bugbear named Klarg, was warned of the intruders by one of his goblins and clambered through the passage into the wolves’ den to attack along with one of his bodyguards. Klarg struck down the bard Splinter Paw while absorbing eldritch blasts from the warlock Therizino, but heroic efforts from the cat’s friends saved his life.

Meanwhile, Azza faced three goblin archers and fell to their arrows. The rest of the group caught up to him and saved his life after defeating Klarg.

The goblin’s prisoners were rescued, after which some of the characters went their separate ways. Notably, artificer Jared stabbed the warlock Therizino in the back, claiming his purse. Linaya wandered off after sharing some advice on goblins with Ragash. Splinter Paw turned in the Dread Pirate Kordaius for the bounty.

Sildar, who was also rescued, noted that the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker had been taken elsewhere on orders from some higher authority. The goblins mentioned a place they called Cragmaw Keep, which may be where Gundren was taken. The party also recovered supplies bearing a mark from a merchant company in Phandalin, and have not yet returned those supplies.

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