Old School Gamers

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Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time

Session 2


As I was fetching and carrying and generally making myself useful, I encountered a troll on the stairs. He was half again as tall as I was, and looked to be in bad shape. His fur was singed and patchy, although his hands were shiny, as if newly made. We greeted each other politely, and he said his name was Lawrence. I asked if he needed healing, but he said he was fine. I called to Jaswand, since she’s the healer, to give him a look over anyway. He’s likely to take the brunt of any assault against us, and needs to be kept in good shape. So I can hide behind him, and throw my stars from cover.

Our captain, Mariah, worked with single minded focus on the guns the spirit in the camouflage system wanted. Barty sketched out plans for artillery guns. I peeked over his shoulder on the way by once; very complicated plans. There was some discussion about all going out and meeting our respective contacts in the area to get information. Barty decided he was too recognizable and needed to be disguised. No ordinary fur dye or disguise would do for him, though - he wanted a magical means of changing his appearance.

Jaswand decided to knit him a fae cloak. I opted to help her. Barty and Mariah set about a ritual to imbue a mask with a spirit. Lawrence began running around the ship, leaping and rolling. Impressive athletic skill. I wonder if he could teach me that. The cloak turned out to be a sparkly rainbow animated creation. It would, indeed, alter someone’s appearance, if it felt like it. However, it wanted attention, and it wanted it’s wearer to get attention, so it might decide sparkly rainbow was the way to do that. Or the alteration might be something even more eye catching than the wearer intended. Having a prankster streak, I will endeavor to tell Barty how fabulous he looks whenever he puts the cloak on. The cloak will like that. Barty, not so much.

Barty obtained his mask. He neglected to ask the spirit to actually alter his appearance. So the mask does something else. Barty can vanish from one spot and appear in another spot through some unknown means. Handy for backstabs. Not so handy for just walking through public without being recognized. Except for the fact that his face will be covered by the mask, and he’s wearing a sparkly rainbow cloak that no self respecting character of the not-so-law-abiding ilk would ever wear. I hope we can go now. I’m eager to explore this new place, and also eager to get the information to get back to where there is sunlight and clean air.

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Published on 3 Sep 2022
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