Old School Gamers

Version 1

Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time

Session 3

[Non-character: Jaswand went off to plant a seed in some soil the fae thread worms made; Lawrence gets a chaos feeling, and heads off in the escort ship to investigate, finding the robbers on the train shooting at the pursuing automatons in scout ships, which try to shoot carefully at the train, but end up derailing the engine car]

Barty, Mariah and I discussed where to head first to meet contacts. We heard the escort ship take off, as Lawrence sped away. Then we noticed Jaswand was missing. Lawrence flew by us at a fast clip, did a loop around a building, and sped off again. I mentioned this to Mariah and suggested we go after him. She seemed dismissive, saying that was just Lawrence, but I persisted. He did a loop around that building on purpose, after attracting my attention with the fly-by. Reluctantly, our captain consented to get the ship moving. It’s a good idea to move it periodically anyway, since they have people after them.

As we were getting moving, Jaswand ran up, and Barty threw her a rope so she could swing on board. We got to the building Lawrence had looped around, heard a big explosion, and saw a train being pursued by scout ships. The ships shot at the train, and people on the train shot back. The engine car had derailed, and was heading for the next platform, with guaranteed disastrous results. We had no intention of getting involved, but then Lawrence landed on the platform.

Barty rigged himself up to swing over to the train. Seeing fate involved, and the potential to get a favor from an entity in power, I followed, much more clumsily. Barty helped me get hold of the railing at the end of one car. Then he broke out the window and swung through. The way he went through wouldn’t work well for my longer frame, so I followed him successfully, if with a distinct lack of grace. There weren’t any shooters in this car, so we headed for the next one. Through the window between cars, we could see two people shooting out the windows. Then there was a great crash, and the train came to an abrupt stop. Barty and the passengers in the car went flying. I foresaw it coming a second before it happened, and braced myself by holding a pole.

Lawrence came running up behind us. He opened the doors to the next car, and Barty and I dove through. I threw a star at the goblin as Barty shot at the humaeni with a rifle. The star cut across the goblin’s throat, and I ignored him, since he would bleed out soon enough. Barty’s gun shot something that was not a normal bullet, and stunned the man with the rifle. Lawrence started running towards a crate with a destructive gleam in his eye. Two automatons barged into the car after Lawrence.

I have plans within plans. I’ll try to get Lawrence to go after the man with the rifle first, since he’s still a threat, and stall him from going after the crate. I’ll try to talk the automatons into going into the next car after more shooters. At that point, maybe Barty can jam the door to delay them getting back through long enough for us to get away. Or we have to destroy them. I was hoping to get a favor from someone, but if Lawrence is going after the crate that the automatons undoubtedly want back, the easy way is out. We’ll need to arrange for an unfortunate “accident” with the crate, and likely the automatons if they either don’t leave or see what Lawrence does with the crate. Then we can go to the entity that sent the automatons and still try to claim the favor, since we kept the crate from the robbers clutches despite the robbers destroying it in the process. This is a fulcrum point of fate, and the future can go either way.

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