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Body: 4 Strength: 4 Agility: 4 React: 6 (4 + Improved Reflexes) Willpower: 6 Logic: 2 Intuition: 4 Charisma: 2 Edge: 2 Essence: 6 Magic: 6

Inherent Limits Physical (Strx2 + Body + React)/2: 8 Mental (Logicx2 + Willpower + Intuition)/2: 7 Social (Charismax2 + Willpower + Essence)/2: 8

Initiative (Intuition + Reaction): 10 + 2d6

Condition Monitor: Physical (Body/2 + 8) 10: OOOOOOOOOOO Stun (Willpower/2 + 8) 10: OOOOOOOOOO Overflow (Body + Aug):

Qualities: Gearhead (11 karma) Quick Healer (3 karma) Uneducated (-8 karma) Criminal SIN (-10 karma)

Skills: Etiquette: 1 Pilot Ground Craft: 3 Archery: 2 Sneaking: 4 Athletics Group (Swimming, Running, Gymnastics): 3 Close Combat Group (Blades, Blunt, Unarmed): 1

  • Blades: 3
  • Unarmed: 3 Outdoors Group (Navigation, Survival, Tracking): 4 (8 karma to fix group) Athletics Group (Gymnastics, Running, Swimming): 2 (4 karma to fix group) Knowledge (Farming): 2 Knowledge (Seattle): 1 First Aid: 2 (6 karma) Perception: 2 (6 karma) Sneaking: 4 (14 karma) Firearms Group (Automatic, Longarms, Pistols): 1 Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled): 3 (12 Karma)

Adept: (6 PP spent, pg 308) Improved Reflexes (2) Attribute Boost (Strength, level 1): .25 PP Attribute Boost (Agility, level 1): .25 PP Attribute Boost (React, level 1): .25 PP Attribute Boost (Body, level 1): .25 PP Improved Sense (Nightvision): .25 PP Missile Parry (1) Mystic Armor (2) Penetrating Strike (4)

Improved Reflexes (2): This power increases the speed at which you react, just like wired reflexes. For each level, +1 to Reaction and +1d6 initiative dice.

Attribute Boost: Make a magic + attribute boost rating test. Each hit boosts the attribute by 1, up to augmented attribute max. This only affects dice pools, not inherent limits or initiative ratings don’t change. The boost lasts for 2x the number of hits in Combat Turns. When it runs out, take drain equal to the level of the attribute boost. (Drain: Stun damage resisted by Body + Willpower)

Missile Parry: (Interrupt Action, -5 from initiative) Must have a free hand. Works only on slow-moving projectiles (arrows, knives, shuriken, grenades). Add +1 die per level to your defense pool against the attacker’s ranged attack test. If you generate net hits, you pluck the missile from the air.

Mystic Armor: 1 point of Armor protecting against physical attacks, cumulative with other armor, no encumberance. Also protects against damage in astral combat.

Penetrating Strike: Bypasses armor.

Gearhead: When driving, has an intuitive sense of limitations and capabilities of the vehicle, and can coax the vehicle to its best performance. Increase speed by 20% or handling by +1 (player’s choice). +2 dice pool modifier for difficult meneuvers or stunts. Lasts 1d6 minutes.

Quick Healer: +2 dice pool modifier for all healing tests, including magical healing, “on/for/by” the character. (Does this apply to using First Aid on another character?)

Uneducated: Considered “unaware” and may not default on skill tests for Technical, Academic, or Professional knowledge skills the character does not possess. Karma costs for all such skills are doubled.

Criminal SIN: (It’s long; page 84) Convicted of smuggling before any physical adept skills manifested.

Contacts (6 from Charisma, 4 Karma):

Daisy (Connections: 1, Loyalty: 5, Karma: 6), a cousin from back home who made it big as a personal assistant for someone she calls Mr Johnson. She reads his email, transcribes his voicemail, and hand-delivers the paper copies once a week to his address, when he has one. No, not Mr Johnson’s email – Lucas’s.

Cooter (Connections: 1, Loyalty: 3, Karma: 4) works on the bike sometimes.

Concept: Just a good ol’ boy, never meanin’ no harm… been in trouble with the law since the day he was born, making his way the only way he knows how. Someday a critter may get him, but the law never will.

Lucas grew up in the country, as far from electronics as it’s possible to be in the modern world. And a good thing too, because technology really hates him, and he hates it right back. Not especially fond of these metahuman freaks either; humans can be just as good as elves, stubborn as dwarves, tough as orks, and who would want to be a troll anyway? It’s not a hatred so much as an inferiority complex. And it’s enough to fuel his own magic to compensate, making Lucas a pretty darn tough example of humanity. That said, he’s never been particularly focused on fighting; he grew up rough and tumble but has neither training nor the killer instinct. At least, not for sentients – yet. Critters are another story. Lucas believes victory is spelled BBQ, and has made spare cash for years shooting at demon rats and other vermin on his farm and those nearby. When he can, he cooks them up, or sells them to a specialty chef.

He made a living for a while helping out on his family’s farm, but the death of his Uncle Jessie (who raised him from a child) left him at loose ends, especially when the taxes required the farm itself to be sold. Beau got the car, so he used what little was left from the estate to buy a motorcycle and tried to figure out what to do with his life. His family history had a whole passel of smugglers, moonshiners, and poachers, so it was almost a family tradition to operate outside the law. When Daisy found a position with occasional extralegal needs, she helped him get a SIN.

Lifestyle: Low ($2000/month)

Equipment: MediKit (Rating 3, $750): The life you save might be yours.

Harley Davidson Scorpion ($12,000): When Uncle Jessie passed on, Beau got the General Lee. This is the next best thing on two wheels. (Note: I’m assuming Incompetent: Electronics is distinct from Incompetent: Mechanical, so vehicles without gadgets should be ok; if there were options for “no computers, just a carburetor” I’d take it). Lucas would like to figure out a way to make this bike fly like the General Lee. (Levitate spell? Enchanting?)

Armor Clothing ($450, AR: 6): Gotta wear armor when you’re on two wheels. Everybody knows that. Helmet ($100, AR: +2): For the bike. He promised Daisy he’d wear it. Sometimes he remembers. No gadgets. Lined Coat ($900, AR: 9): For the critters. And, ya’know, the chicks. Sometimes they scratch. Ruger Super Warhawk ($400): Big. Shiny. Loud. Most importantly, no gadgets.
Survival Knife ($100): Old school, no GPS, but it does glow in the dark. Handy with low light vision.

Fake SIN (Rating 4, $2500): Vance Bow (Strength rating 4, $400)

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