Old School Gamers

Version 1

Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time

Session 3

We had a real milkrun today. Good thing too cause it wasn’t really a paying deal. Billy, alocal kid, wanted about of an escort moving simchips from the plant to his place. He was worried there might be trouble. Smart kid. There always might be trouble. So we – that’s me, billy, and elf-boy, plus new girl miss Theo who joined the team or something – drove to the pickup spot and waited. They took there own sweet time loading up and elf-boy was getting nervous, started nagging ’em. I walked around a bit but it did seem like they were making progress on a pallet that eventually got loaded into our truck. We drove off without incident and made it home the same way, despite a few nearby sirens.

Last updated on 19 Sep 2021
Published on 19 Sep 2021
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