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Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time


Lyrian was born a street rat. She was such a pretty child, her parents gave her to the beggars guild. Lyrian made the guild their investment many times over before she was a teenager. Having aged out of the beggar child role, she started begging with fake injuries or diseases. Always moving, never in the same part of town, or the same city or town, more than a few days. She’s seen thieves in action every day, and can spot a con a mile off. She disdains nobles, is a good actor, and has no qualms about using her looks to gain her pity or advantage.

She was begging by a fountain in a city square when she saw them. Sword masters. They gave a demonstration in the square to encourage the rich to hire them. Lyrian was dazzled. The sword masters swaggered, confident and aloof. They danced as they fought, and the sword forms with fancy names flowed like water.

She tagged after them when her begging shift was done. They didn’t think she was serious, but they let her hang around as they travelled. She watched them practice. She did chores in their camp. They treated her like a pet and let her play with a practice sword, following their moves. When she didn’t leave on her own, the leader decided to try tough love. He became like the worst drill sergeant the army ever dreamed up. Up before dawn, physical exercises, sword training, screaming at her if she forgot a fancy name for a form, or messed up the forms. He was somewhat dismayed when she took to it. He was surprised when she started to get the hang of it.

When the sword masters got hired by a prince to guard him, they could not bring a trainee with them. So Lyrian went out on her own, with her rudimentary knowledge of the forms, and the code those sword masters followed. She’s determined to be the best sword master ever seen. In the meantime, she’s determined to make her mark adventuring and getting rich, jumping into danger with the same unthinking abandon as when she gave up her life as a beggar.

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Published on 18 Sep 2021
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