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Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time


101 SY: 102 SY: Tensions increased between Eastdale and Dolemwood

103 SY: Summer - Treaty with Dolemwood Fall - Assassination Attempt of the St Ygg high cleric. Unsuccessful attempt by a shadow criminal sydicate out of Helix. Winter - Wild Magic in Archaia that is expanding past the wasteland.

104 SY: Summer - Alliance between Dolomwood and Eastdale has been broken Fall - Helix news dropped off the map. Winter - In Threshold, the Denara religion is having a bad PR campaign from the populace.

105 SY:

106 SY: Summer - In Westkeep, the group known as “The Verdant Protectors” have changed their name to “The White Council”. Their designs include protecting the forest around the area from the rise of lizardfolk and hydras that have cropped up in recent months.

Fall - In Eastdale, the Church of St. Ygg pledge their support in strengthening ties to Ironguard Motte, with a contingent of fighter-protectors and paladins moving to support the rise of undead in that area. The undead are of a different variety, from all reports. Bloated and full of blisters.

Winter - As people settle down for the long winter, several towns and villages have reports of a wasting disease that has ravaged through the populace. People hunker down as well as they can.

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Published on 25 Nov 2021
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