Old School Gamers

Version 1

Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time

Party Loot


Tube of Papyrus #10 (250gp)

Old, slightly battered silver goblet with designs from skeleton room (175gp)

Strange humanoid skull from bookshelf room (??)

Strange leather scroll from bookshelf room (400gp)

1 male kobold, Tartuccio


Crossbow, grey portabella mushrooms, spellbook on dead wizard


18sp, 24gp, 8 pp.

Scroll tube #3 clutched in a skeleton’s hand.


Box with 6 alphabet cubes (have vowels)

Book of arcane details on charming jellies and oozes and slimes

Arcane Scroll of charm monster for oozes and slimes


Trogolodyte Cube: (We do not actually have the cube)

Mountains might,

Armies blight,

King’s conceit,

Nobles meet.


Fishskin pouch

4 doses lime green moss found in forest NW of eastdale near pool

Taken from two-headed snakes near the Tomb of the Serpent:

Snake scales attached to u-Heury’s chain (pending)

Taken from orc cave:

1 Dwarven Lockbox with Hammer & Flame symbol in wrought iron

The lockbox contained three small bags. Darkness fell when the box was opened, and something stabbed Prig. We sold the gem and coral fragments to the moneylender. Garreth kept the dirt, sand, and rocks.

SOLD: Bag #1 contains 4 coral fragments (10gp each).

Bag #2 contained dirt, sand, and rocks.

SOLD: Bag #3 contained a blue gemstone (blue amber, 500gp)

6 orc spears

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