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The Frog Prince

In the Incandescent Grotto, we found a talking frog who claimed to be a prince near a trogolodyte lair. He was looking for his pond, which he claimed was nearby, and promised a reward for everyone who got him there. We took him up within the group, and researched where his lake might lie. Eventually, we learned of a place called the Dolemwood, near Westkeep, and brought him there – the journey from Eastdale was somewhat perilous through something known as the gauntlet, and we encountered a strange hollow tree on the way.

In Westkeep, we learned of a place named Mirror Lake within the Dolemwood, which matched the frog’s description. Nearby lay the Manse of Ygraine. We traveled to the lake, returned the frog, and received our rewards.

Last updated on 27 Aug 2021
Published on 27 Aug 2021
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