Old School Gamers

Version 1

Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time

Session 16


Met a new feller today. Short and stocky, grunted a lot. Asked his name, he grunted. Asked how he got ’ere, he grunted. Ask where he wanted to go, he grunted. Asked if he wanted ya pay me ta guide him into the forest and find treasure and kill monsters. You guessed it, he grunted, so off we went.

First stop was Jiles. Padawan of Ygg’s Stick he said. Knows about the outlaw band in the forest. Said he hadn’t heard nothing bout them in some time,but did want to know about Imperax cultists. I don’t know nuttin about imperax. Somethin about a raven and an eyeball. Anyways, good money if we can link the outlaws to this Imperax cult.

From there we went into the woods. Finally. We headed for the incandescent grotto. Which means glowing hole in woods. Stupid big words for simple things. Probably an elf word. It sounds leafy.

We found some violet mushrooms, on top of a pair of panthers. Funny, Grunty thought they were tigers! Just panthers. I cut off a slice from the mushrooms for u-Heury. I hear he likes mushrooms.

Anyways, Grunty and I went down to the swimmin’ hole and I told him to look at the crystals and not the ground like they told me. And about the Monkees swimming with the mossy fish-men.

I figured we could go ask the skeletons to the east if their master knew anything about this Imperax feller and make a quick 500 gold if they say yes. Gotta stare at this crystal for a while first though.

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Published on 22 Jul 2021
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