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Session 17

Nolly’s Kingdom



Well, well, well.

My lady of liabilities and legalities continues to watch over me, despite my unfortunate blunder in the matter of the theft of her holy symbol.

I was filling out the proper form for such a thing while making idle chatter with the odd sheep-man Ramius. He was offering everyone tea And crumpets, so very hospitable. Gurg the dwarf accepted, as did Davos the mercenary. I turned it down, not wanting to stain the holy form. u-Heury had wondered off deeper into the roots. I had lost track of where OhYeah was and one of the guards from the caravan, Dalmanes, had joined us.

I heard a latter from the kitchen where u-Heury had run off too. Just as I looked up, Gurg and Davos were eyeing their tea. Gurg, a doughty dwarf, rasped out “what did you put in this tea?” I took in the telltale signs of a man fighting off a potent sleeping drought on his face, and Davos as well.

I stood and drew my mace to smite the treacherous muttonhead, but even as I did he cast some sort of spell on his chairs. The wooden furniture animated, while Ramius fled, bleating frantically. I sent Ahnjela in pursuit, fearing for u-Heury’s safety. Surprised by the furniture, Gurg and I took several swings to little effect, though I connected solidly once. Davos smashed the first chair almost immediately, and I sent him after Ahnjela, think Gurg and I could handle one chair. Eventually we did.

We found Ahnjela and Davos facing a line of sheep skulls floating in the air. Davos had already smashed one but Ahnjela was not looking well. Gurg and I relieved her on the front line with Davos, and quickly finished the skulls off, though Davos took wounds in the process. I handed Davos my sling and instructed him to protect Ahnjela and be missile support for Gurg and I. Forward!

We charged into the next room to find a horrifying scene. Ramius and his two ewes stood over u-Heury, tied to the bed and drugged senseless. Gurg and I charged forward even as the ewes struck at u-Heury. Our helpless companion took wounds, crying out, and beginning to wake, but at least he was alive!

It was a close thing. The two ewes fell. Gurg landed a dramatic blow on Ramius and the traitor gulped down a potion that turned him invisible. Dalmanes, the caravan guard, sprayed wine everywhere in a vain attempt to detect Ramius when he went by. It worked, but no one could connect. I tossed a rope to Ahnjela and rigged a trap across the corridor further down, hoping to reveal the creature on its way out. Again, it worked but our strikes were in vain. Ramius, the master-ram, escaped.

On the plus side, we found over 500gp in their chest, along with quite a lot of questionable meat, and a spell book of some kind. (I wonder how the meat is preserved and whether the chest itself is magical). The rams also had quite a pleasant little hidey hole here, well furnished. And we have a merchant caravan with wagons above. We should be able to cart off some of their possessions, or at the least, come back for them later with a horse and cart of our own.

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