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Session 55

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Staying at the Druid and Whale proved profitable. We shared our tale with several strangers who happened to share our table, and they committed themselves to the cause. Apparently this is quite the inn for adventurers, as we were also able to find a number of souls willing to sign up to help for a fee. Sadly, none of them possessed silver weaponry. We would need to improvise. I sold Frederick’s cache of treasure, which he apparently stored in his boot and forgot about, to help fund our expedition. The money paid for a silver dagger and a silver handaxe for our new companions, along with a canoe, which was by far the most expensive item. We also bought barrels and scrap wood to make a raft. The weapons would take time to prepare, so we made arrangements to return in the morning. Feeling paranoid after hearing reports of a rat from the kitchen, I insisted we move to a different inn. We visited the Howling Knight, which was filled with shadows and shadowy characters. We tried the Elf and Lamb after that, an interesting place with an open courtyard in the center surrounded by walls.

Unfortunately one of our new companions, Nor, was attacked overnight. Stabbed, nearly to death, with a note left to stay out of someone’s affairs. Presumably the wererats.

We gave our new companions another two nights to order weapons and heal from the attack, as Nor chose not to contribute to Denara for healing.

Eventually, we got our canoe and more properly-built raft into the sewers, along with our new friends and four men-at-arms, one of which is a halfling. Sadly the hirelings did not bring silver, but there are other dangers in the sewers and additional fighters can be helpful as distractions while the core party deals out damage to wererats.

Instead of following the known path north into the wererat lair, we proceeded to the east, finding a small area with three doors – north, east, and south. North and south doors are trapped, probably with an alarm. The east door appears unlocked and untrapped, so we determined to explore it first, hoping to use the room to hide in if we failed to disarm the traps on the other doors, or at least ensure we weren’t attacked from three sides at once.

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