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Session 58

Session map


Before we could use the entrance we found, a crazed halfling called to us from the other side of the moat wanting a boat ride. We brought him over to the island once we realized it was Sanfire, a fellow member of the Glorious Blades And Hammer. We descended into the area below the floating tower.

Within, a large room with several wall sconces holding candles on top of skull pyramids. The large room had smaller rooms off to one side, and a floor covered with black sand that seemed to be magically (?) drawn into pits. One of the rooms had similar sconces holding skeletal men in fetal position. One of them seemed to still live, asking for water, but was not helped when he got it. Then, a sigil of some kind flashed, and he returned to the fetal position and said no more.

Keeping my mind on our mission, I demanded to know whether the parched man had seen a small dog in the area. He said nothing. When I poked his body with my hammer, a flash of light from the runes occurred, and some sort of spell took me. Vaguely, I remember my friends dragging me from the place..

We bedded down for the night, but I woke later, with the window open, showing me the tower in the distance with the moon hanging directly over it. I woke Sanfire and asked him to watch me as I slept, so I could not be magically drawn to the tower as I slept. He refused, but did consent to switch rooms.

The next day was a blur. The last thing I remember is listening to a discussion about unicorn horns, owlbear vocal chords, and poison glands from a two-headed snake.

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