Old School Gamers

Version 1

Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time


No one will tell me how my parents died. The priest that took me in and eventually brought me to the temple, he said it was a horrible accident. It wasn’t until I’ve gotten older that I realize that the look on his face, in his eyes, when he said that meant it wasn’t an accident at all. The need to know how, why, my parents died, burns in me.

I loved that priest. I loved the temple once he brought me there. They accepted me. They taught me the skills needed to spy out information for our god. Admittedly, I lived a luxurious life at the temple. A life I very much enjoyed. I was ready to make my vows. Then a new high priest took over. I could not serve under that person. I was kicked out of the only home I’d known for most of my life.

I found refuge with the criminal element. The Thieves’ Guild took me in. I stole, to pay off my debt to the Guild. But my skills were as a spy, and I am mainly used as such. I spy out information for the Guild Boss now. Extortion of government officials. Checking up on city bosses. I’m paid handsomely, and can afford to live in almost the style I was accustomed to at the temple. I still worship the god, just in my own way.

Last updated on 14 Nov 2021
Published on 14 Nov 2021
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