Old School Gamers

Version 1

Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time

Session 2


We wandered in the caverns for days, trying to find out way to the Dark Lake. Our fishy guide didn’t seem to know the way very well. And there was no food, no water. I was very hungry! Not something I am used to, normally it is the best of food and drink for the great Alamar. Fine wines and fine dining lead to fine ladies smiling!

Eventually we found a mushroom called a barrel-something that held water and could be used as food. It was NOT a delicacy! It was better than starvation, but I didn’t get much more than a sip and a bite. So hungry.

The next day we met two escaped slaves, both moon elves. They barely had the chance to say two words to us (admittedly I was saying quite a few words myself, as one of them was a lady clad mostly in leaves and bark), before we were spotted by a squad of drow scouts. That kicked off a hurried flight. I saw Alia slip away into the darkness, hoping to ambush one of them from the shadows, while most of the group fled. Me, well, I understand a tactical retreat, but I was feeling so, so, so, so hungry. So I reached out my hand, feeling some kind of internal magical force, and a blast of… something, like a flaming arrow, shot forth from my hand. It hit one of the drow and I heard the dark elf grunt in pain!

Still, the others shot at me, and I took a few hits. The rest of the party fled into a tunnel and set up an ambush just behind a turn. I kept up the fighting retreat, trying to lead them into the tunnel ambush, but a group of four more dark elves appeared further back. One of them was the priestess I had thrown a bowl of nightsoil at earlier! We weren’t ready to face the priestess, but our ambush worked on the scouts, and we managed to grab a few items from the dead bodies before fleeing deeper into the tunnels.

The two moon elf slaves we had just met went crazy when they saw the priestess, charging at her and screaming obsenities. The fight was noisy, but brief. Hopefully they bought us enough time to escape!

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Published on 2 Dec 2021
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