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Session 9

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So the dragon gave us 31gp (each) for the dragon egg. Goddamn stingy dragon.

We explored further in the underground complex after delivering the egg. I volunteered to take a mushroom and explore the small tunnels, since I can actually hide, unlike Alia.

I found zombies, watched over by a humanoid figure of some kind from the top of a cliff. Alia and Thea went after the watching figure, leaving the zombies to Craig, K-9, and my small but still incredibly potent eldritch self. We made short work of the zombies after a tense moment when K9 got himself surrounded. But he should get used to it. It’s his role, to be loud, obvious, and attention-getting. Not at all like my subtle, shadowy, seductively charming role as party leader, rogue extraordinaire, and sex object to the ladies. Admittedly the audience of ladies is slim pickings in the Underdark, but after that one Drow priestess, no thank you, I’ll stick to sticking it to my party members and the occasional passerby not trying to kill us.

After a little further exploration, I snuck ahead of the party and looked around a corner. The corner had an odd sort of metal gate, with bars, but one that opened inwards rather than outwards. More importantly, I could see through it. And more importantly than that, I could see three huge bears. THREE HUGE BEARS! They were locked in cages, though. Like maybe a circus? Except, not like a circus. Like a circus with clowns that eat people. There were derro among the bears, apparently feeding them.

I noped right out of three bears at once. I may have tripped a little and fallen over a little and made just a teensy bit of noise in my haste to get away from the three circus bears. I reminded myself firmly that I meant to do that and saundered back to the party casually. I whispered loudly “THEY HAVE BEARS. WE SHOULD RUN.” No one ran. Why don’t they ever listen to me?

But it seems the circus had heard me, as they sent the bears after us. K9 tried to feed the first one. Since the rest of the group wasn’t running like I told them to, I tried to hide instead, and put some serious hurting on one of the bears before it put some serious hurting back, and I had to go talk to Daddy for a while. He didn’t like me showing up that way and slapped me back to my senses.

When I woke up, almost everyone was dead or unconscious, including my group. The two derro were still standing, finishing off Creg and Alia. I debated charging them in my badly woundwd state and maybe saving their lives, or taking care of myself first and maybe surviving. I chose taking care of myself first, of course. I spent a few seconds getting my breath back and calling on my Daddy’s infernal wrath before attacking the derro… from safely behind cover. The only life I saved was my own, but it was worth it! I managed to kill both derro before they killed me.

Unfortunately, I’m not very good at healing other people, so I sliced open the belly of one of the bears for a good hiding place and took a nap in its intestines. No one will think to look for me there.

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