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Castle Greyhawk

Get in on the ground floor!

The well-known Herzog Akitrom (known as the "merely worried") invites you to the biggest opportunity in Oerth real estate since the sphere crystalized from the aether! On verdant lands located within carriage distance of the trade city of Greyhawk, but just outside their territorial limits, Herzog has built a castle with all the amenities. Soon he will be opening up the territory to famous nobles, wizards, and adventurers looking for a home away from home near the coast of the Nyr Dyv and convenient to the cosmopolitan environments of Greyhawk itself!

In addition to the expected wealthy landowners and noble retinues, Castle Greyhawk prides itself on providing an unprecedented level of service to those who invest in development rights on land within the new development. Cooks, hunters, farmers, gameskeepers, squires, pages, bards, armorsmiths, weaponsmiths, farriers, falconers, ... all professions are needed and welcome!

We're offering a special deal for those seeking adventure! We have recently discovered a series of caverns and dungeons beneath our castle. While these will be gradually incorporated into our stellar offerings (and will likely provide for well-insulated, clean and out of sight servants' quarters along with extensive daycare facilities as well!), first they will need to be cleared of any possible hostile elements or potential risks to our guests and staff. That's where you come in!

Herzog is offering a substantial discount on purchases of land rights within the Castle Greyhawk territory to those who are willing and able to assist him in clearing out the dungeon levels below and making them suitable for human and demihuman habitation! In addition, cash rewards are available for accurate maps of the caves, caverns, and dungeons. Live capture of exotic creatures may also be rewarded!

This is your chance to get in the ground floor! Don't hesitate! Buy now! Multi-acre packages available! Pre-selected, premium farmland packages! Ranches! Caverns!

Directions: From the City of Greyhawk, take the north gate and follow the road for an invigorating 2-day carriage ride. Turn off at the marked road ("Castle Greyhawk Lane"). Rumors of a band of unnaturally large bandits are highly exaggerated and can be substantially discounted, but we do remind customers that the area is mostly undeveloped and normal caution should be exercised. We are not responsible for any misadventure occuring on or around Castle Greyhawk Lane.

Passage to the City of GreyHawk from the Bandit Kingdoms is available at any port on the Nyr Dyv. We have standard arrangements with most legitimate captains sailing those waters. For the mere sum of ten gold pieces, you can be escorted to Greyhawk itself in the utmost luxury, with the best food and drink available on your 2-day journey by vast inland lake. For guests wishing a more leisurely path that keeps to the shallows near the shore, add 3 days. Additional fees may apply. Castle Greyhawk is not responsible for anything that happens to you while in the care of the captains, as they are independent contractors.

Prepared by solicitor Jonathan Harker, Jr, Esquire, of Harker and Sons Realty Law practice. Please give his name at the gate and reference this offer upon arrival. All images are representational only. Representations are made in good faith but may not reflect actual conditions at time of arrival.

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