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The Mining Town of Darkshelf

Notable Locations

The taverns are named:

The quarry near town is run by a dwarf named Bazili Erzak, and his female elven companion Glyrthiel. It produces mostly plain stone for construction projects, but rumors suggest a recent vein of gold was found within. Bazili has brought in a third shift of workers to mine the gold at night. Around the same time, strange noises have been heard at night in the area around the quarry -- sobbing, screams of pain and terror, sometimes just clanking. More recently, bodies have been appearing -- roughly two a week. The Mayor of Darkshelf, a man named Nielor, has sought to investigate, first by sending his own agent (Kwon), then contacting General Perneti of Rookroost. The latter claimed to discover a ring of slavers, but the noises and bodies continued to appear after they were caught and put on trial.

Among the quarry's guards are Grog, who empties chamberpots, and Lazlo, a giant half-orc with a grudge against Barron for breaking his pinkie finger.

In the depths of the quarry, the party discovered a slaving operation, a mudtiger breeding pit, a goblin infestation, and a temple to an evil elemental diety. The slave trading ring appears to have connections to other nearby towns, but unless the leaders are identified, captured, and successfully interrogated, it will be difficult to track down their contacts and trading partners.

Campaign Hook

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