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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you meet? Where do you meet?

Game sessions are currently held every other Saturday from 3pm-8pm. (Directions)

What games do you play? Do you play this game I really like?

We will generally have a regular campaign running within an existing game system. We will occasionally switch from one campaign to another, or play a one-shot game to give the DM a break. If you want to play a particular game you can always bring it up at one of these opportunities. However, here's the list we started with:

If your game is similar to the above and you are willing to run a one-shot, you can probably get us to try it once. After that it's up to you.

What game systems is the current DM willing to run?

Right now we're running 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and that's going to be the campaign game for the foreseeable future, with the exception of occasional one-shots. When we get to the point where people want an entirely different campaign, we'll figure out what system to run then, along with who runs the game. It won't necessarily be me.

As far as what I am willing to run personally:

I don't have the absolutely most recent AD&D editions. I'm familiar mostly with 1st and 2nd. I can wave at 3rd and 3.5 from experience on the computer game side. I don't own 4th or 5th, period. I've heard bad things about them and wasn't impressed by Sword Coast Legends either (that's a computer game based around 5th edition rules). I have now acquired the 3.5 rules but haven't had a chance to read through them yet.

I don't know the Shadowrun rules well enough to run the game. I think I have a copy of the core rules somewhere, and I've played before and enjoyed it. Ditto Champions. I'll play, but not run, those games. At least for now.

I don't have a copy of the Paranoia rules, and looking at the prices on Amazon, I probably never will. However, if you think you need the rules to play Paranoia, you're playing it wrong.

I want to play but I don't have a copy of the 1st edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ruleset?

The OSRIC rules are close enough to get you started. (Warning, very large PDF at that link). You can also ask to check the rules from any of the official source books owned by the DM or other players at a session, and of course the official rules take precedence, and the house rules and DM's rulings over them.

If you want official copies, recent reprints and used originals are available on Amazon. The only required book is the Player's Handbook (1st Edition). Unearthed Arcana has some additional character classes (Barbarians, Thief-Acrobats, Chevaliers) and a bunch of additional data. The Dungeoneer's Survival Guide has the non-weapon proficiency rules and a bunch of other things that will probably not see much use.

I'm in the game already and I want to invite a friend. May I?

Probably, depending on how many people are showing up regularly and any special considerations. Please check with the person running the current game first to see if they are ok with a new player. If they are, they will bring it up with the group and make sure everyone else feels there's available space too. Chances are better if we are starting a new campaign or the number of regularly appearing players is low.

That said, this started out as an open-to-all group of strangers, so we'll try to make it work.

What about character sheets?

There are lots of approaches to this. A pen and a piece of paper works fine if you don't mind writing stuff down a lot. (A pencil probably works better as you may need to erase things often).

There are various printable character sheets that give you a more organized presentation that new players often find helpful. There are some options below that you might find helpful. The third one on the list is the most helpful.

What about apps on a smart phone or a computer program? Sure, there are some of those too. I don't yet have any recommendations for which ones work well. I'm going to be experimenting with available tools as the campaign progresses, starting with Fantasy Grounds. If you have one you like, mention it and I'll try it. However, I do want to keep the feel old school.

How long do game sessions last?

We're still figuring this out, but 5 hours seems to be the natural end point.

Is there a mailing list?

Yes! For the first few months we used an informal list, but I have recently set up an ezmlm-based list so people can manage their own subscriptions.

What about map symbols?

One of the later books has a nice collection of example map symbols. They are not labeled but most are fairly obvious.

Where can I find dice?

Any local gaming store will have appropriate dice, or you can order a set online. That said, we have a large stock of dice available to borrow on a temporary basis.

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