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Party Magic Item List

This page lists the magical items available to the party collectively.

Scimitar +1

A magical sword of no special properties other than the bonus to hit and damage.

Scimitar +2

A magical sword of no special properties other than the bonus to hit and damage.

Helm of Underwater Action

This helm, activated by the word "Geronimo!", enables the user to breathe underwater. It is a metal helm and thus is somewhat awkward for a person not used to wearing armor to use, but not to the point where it cannot be worn at all. A thief would have to accept minor penalties to thief abilities.

Periapt of Proof Against Poison

Protects the user against poison.

5 Scrolls of Water Breathing

Just in case.

Ring of Protection +1

The party has two of these rings, worn by Thic Duc and Michael.

Fred's long sword

Doesn't seem to want to be drawn by Barron. Thic Duc got a slightly better response. Seems to let the wielder see through things, briefly, when holding the hilt and trying to draw the sword. Has some relationship to Fred. Barron is currently carrying it around and hiding it from Fred.

Ioun Stone: pale green prism (sustains without air)

Useful for going underwater, and possibly other places that lack air.

Ioun Stone: deep red sphere (+1 dexterity)

Useful for card tricks

Ioun Stone: (+1 level)

Increases the user's level by one. Because of the powerful effect of this stone, it will take a full day of game time before taking effect after changing from one owner to another. This will also give the new owners time to update their character sheets...

Masterwork weapons

Thic Duc has a crossbow. Barron has a crossbow and throwing knives. There are others I'm missing.

Ring of Pyro Summoning

This ring bears the True Name of a Good Dog. By speaking that name, the spirit of the animal can be summoned briefly to the Prime Material Plane, and will respond to the commands it knew in life for one turn (10 rounds). The ring holds a limited number of charges, but if the summoned spirit need not interact with the Prime Material Plane directly, no charge need be spent. There are three charges, and if all three are used, the ring will no longer function. It cannot be recharged. This ring was a gift from the Duke to Leah; he pointed out that "fetch" will not use a charge.

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