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The Town of Saltmarsh

Saltmarsh is a small town, though still larger than Dunwitch. It is a near the coast, with port facilities and a fishing fleet. The fleet sends its catch from both the ocean and the nearby salt marsh (for which the town is named) to Rookroost, providing a steady supply of seafood for those wealthy enough to afford it (and the necessary salt or preservation spells to preserve it). The road to town from Rookroost brings you to the top of a sea-facing cliff overlooking the town, and you can see the port itself laid out before you, with the bulk of town further inland on higher ground. The activity at sea appears to consist of mostly fishing boats, with one or two larger vessels at anchor by the docks.

There is one other notable feature of the town: a lighthouse, not far from the top of the cliff where you are now. The current mayor lives there and tends the light (it is one of the mayor's official duties). His name is Lenny.

The manor house itself is located at the edge of the marsh, near a natural harbor, at the top of a hill overlooking the town (on the far side from the lighthouse). The house is set on a small peninsula, with cliff faces leading to the Nyr Dyv on three sides. Neither marsh nor harbor is visible from most of town, but the manor house itself is.

It is roughly a days' travel away by roads in poor condition, so details are not visible -- just the outline, and occasionally bright lights. No one lives close by, but travelers following the coast road occasionally pass by, and when they do so at night, they report noises of various indescribable types.

The Town Council

Posted at the docks and the Rookroost side of the coastal road.



Posted publicly at the Fish Tail Inn.

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