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The Assassin's Knot


There was a red ruby found under the Duke's body. It has a faint aura of divine magic. It may match the rubies in the eyes of the holy symbol of Garotten's high priest.

There was a red leather button clutched in the Duke's hand. It matches a button from Abraham's vest (of the Garotten Inn).

There was a golden lute string found at the scene of the crime. It matches a lute used by the bard Ballmarrow (of the Garotten Globe, a theater).


Wallace "the Walrus"

High priest of Highport and council member.

The Wizard Jim

Head wizard and council member.

The Princess Bride

Widowed wife of the duke and council member. The marriage WAS consummated.


High priest of Garotten, a follower of Osphrem. Harper is elderly and somewhat eccentric. His holy symbol is a whale with ruby eyes. The party has discussed trying to destroy the hammer they found on Krak, and Harper has been receptive but not so far willing to waive his fees.


Vagrant and hired agent of Amathar. May be more than he seems.


Half-orc armorer and, apparently, dangerous fighter. He bears a wicked hammer.


Bard and leader of a troupe of players. His lute is well known to have golden strings. He did not present a show the night of the murder, and was reported to have been seen at the party playing his lute.


Abraham owns the town's inn and tavern. He wears a red vest with red leather buttons; the party has not been able to tell for sure if it is missing a button. He logs his inn's guests and their meals in a book. He claims to have been indisposed on the day of the murder. His book lists an "herbal concoction" instead of a meal that day. One of his guests is rumored to have a connection to the assassin's guild, an idea which appeared to concern him.

"Captain" Basram

Staying at the House of Abraham (). A gambler. Absent on the 2nd day since the murder, so far.


Staying at the House of Abraham. Small moustache, trim beard, medium black hair, a medallion, broadsword and dagger.


Staying at the House of Abraham. Small moustache, trimmed black hair, broadsword and leather armor. Has dog collars and leashes on his belt, as for hunting with a pack.


Staying at the House of Abraham. A midget, just over 3 feet tall, with a full beard and long brown hair. Wears leather armor and carries a short sword.


Employee at the House of Abraham. About 30, long black hair, and a full beard. Works the bar.


Serving boy at the House of Abraham. Long blond hair.


Serving boy at the House of Abraham. Long black hair.


Stableboy at the House of Abraham. Short brown hair.


Waitress at the House of Abraham. Long blond hair, very attractive, flirts with customers.


House of Abraham Inn

Housing for guests both short and long term. There are a handful of semi-permanent residents staying here. According to Priska, one of the residents of Abraham's Inn has a connection to the assassins' guild.

Temple of Osphrem

A small collection of buildings, with a vineyard and small graveyard. Separately. Harper has quarters in a separate building, and sometimes has meals delivered there. If they arrive cold, they are reheated on a nearby birdbath.


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