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Adventure Capitalists

We, the undersigned, do hereby incorporate our adventuring enterprise under the name . We agree to the standard mechanisms of treasure distribution outlined under the appropriate regulations, laws, and taxing authorities. Subject to those laws, we further stipulate that all adventuring proceeds will be first applied to the healing and making whole of all party members, including but not limited to healing of wounds, replacement of lost limbs, treatment and/or cures of acquired diseases.

In recognition of the fact that adventuring companies in the early stages may not have ready access to sufficient funds to treat all possible injuries, Adventure Capitalists Inc undertakes to provide access to emergency capital in support of such companies. Specifically, in return for a fee of 20% of all monetary wealth recovered by the adventuring company, we will insure members of the company against the financial cost of healing injuries and/or untimely death while on quests or other official duties for the company.

To take advantage of our services, contact a representative in your local adventurer’s guildhall after each quest to pay your dues and obtain healing and curative services. If there is no local guildhall, show your local healer your copy of this contact and he, she, or it may be willing to honor the contract.

We do NOT provide on-site service, and all healing services are provided by affiliated local vendors, subject to local availability. In the event of unsatisfactory services (persistent rash, zombie resurrection, reincarnation in non-humanoid form, possession by supernatural undead entity, and so forth), the local vendor is responsible and we accept financial liability only in the amount of the fee paid to that vendor.

Last updated on 3 May 2021
Published on 3 May 2021
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