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Peebles (A halfling priest played by Chris)

Growing up in Elmshire is a quiet, peaceful life. Temperate climate and four distinct seasons, it’s everything a young hobbit could want. Peebles grew up happy, the fifth of seven children. He loved tending to fields and fern, but above all, other halflings. With his love for all living things, joining the priesthood of Yondalla was an easy choice. Serving until young adulthood, Peebles met Maeris Tosscobble at his first 26th birthday. They were married under the first moon of the High Harvest. Peebles left the church, but maintained his faith, working as a cook and town doctor in a small village five kilometers outside Elmshire. The two knew true joy for nearly 40 years, until Maeris took ill. She wasted away quickly, and died less than two weeks later.

Peebles took the loss hard, burying himself in his work as doctor to a growing number of infections. Several in the community died, and no cure was found. As the ‘plague’ dissipated, Peebles left the village to his assistant, setting out to find new meaning.

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Published on 18 Nov 2020
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