Old School Gamers

Version 1

Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time


Seb (A halfling thief played by Chris)

Seb hails from Rookroost, where he’s lived all of his life. When he was very young, Seb’s mother became bedridden, growing more sick daily. After she passed, his father, Pimzin, began to take seriously his thieves guild duties. Those duties changed him, however. The once good-natured, calm halfling became cold, methodical, and distant. When Seb was 13, his father left their small apartment, and never returned. Seb’s heard that Pimzin has risen high within the guild, but recent upheaval among the thieves guild of Rookroost has caused some doubt.

Recently, Seb was assaulted in the streets, by men claiming Pimzin had put a hit on his son. The halfling was able to escape, but fled Rookroost.

Last updated on 18 Nov 2020
Published on 18 Nov 2020
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