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Warin (Human cleric played by Coby) in the Evil Overlord campaign.

A novice cleric with a yearning for adventure at the beginning of his career, Warin was born and raised on a farm outside Rookroost. Taught to be helpful and kind to his parents, and seeing the state of the world in the Bandit Kingdoms, he joined the small church of St Cuthbert in Darkshelf upon reaching adulthood, hoping that the church would teach him to spread the doctrines of law and order throughout the land. However, he quickly gained experience with the ways of the world after joining the Band of Misfits. His faith was strong, if a little unfocused, and his experiences gradually refined him from a naive altar boy to a brave and skilled adventurer. His calling was strong, but unfocused. If only he had the power to impose his good nature and helpful aims upon the world! If only he could force people to respect the law! Might may not make right, but it seemed that might was the way of the world, and might can for damned sure make people act right!

Warin briefly found moral clarity in answering the demands of a Mysterious Voice that speaks to him through a portal to the elemental planes. Experience has proven that the Mysterious Voice is not helpful with all problems, and an encounter with a wraith left him searching for new and better answers. The cold, cruel world outside the church has proven resistant to naive optimism and cynical embrace of power. Perhaps a new path will make itself clear to him?

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Published on 3 Nov 2020
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