Old School Gamers

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Saving the world one dungeon and Dark Lord at a time

Session 80

L2: The Assassin’s Knot

Dean (Thic Duc), Chris (Tiberium), Matt (Barron), Mariel (Leah), Coby (Warin), Jeff (Amathar), Leah (Ahira), and Brian (Pyrzival) are returning cast members.

We left the Band of Misfits having returned to Highport with four corpses and very little actual evidence. After interrogating the corpses, they had obtained two names: Arness and Ascue. Amathar examined the notes in the ledger and compared the handwriting to tax assessments from Garotten, and they appeared to match: Tellish. This was enough to obtain an arrest warrant for Tellish and writs of detention and questioning for Arness and Ascue. The party returned to Garrotten by boat and approached the rear entrance to the castle by stealth. Upon entering the tunnel, they noticed new holes drilled in the ceiling since their last visit – someone had added a trap. Back to the front entrance they went…

Barron polymorhed into the form of the Duke and approached the castle with Malag and Ahira as escorts, demanding entrance. Arness and Tellish were summoned, but did not appear convinced that they were actually face to face with the presumed-dead Duke. Barron successfully confused the situation but did not convince anyone to surrender. The battle begin with archers firing on the fake Duke; Amathar responded with a Fireball.

Arness contributed a Slow and a Fireball herself, showing notable disregard for her own side. Tellish tried Cause Fear on Ahira; when she resisted, he successfully cast Hold Person. Between the archers and the fireball, Barron went down, then was revived; he cast Monster Summoning 1 and got seven cats. They were surprisingly effective, but he went down again briefly. Warin cast Hold Person on Arness, but her guards were able to revive her. Being revived a second time, Barron’s Web delayed Arness and her guards for a round. Leah’s arrows killed one guard and convinced another to surrender. Pyrcival accounted for three archers on the wall himself, and Thic Duc another two. In the end, Arness and Tellish were captured and the rest of the guards fled.

Over Warin’s objections, Malag and Ahira broke Arness’s fingers as well as tying her securely. The bodies were searched; the party entered the keep but found a door at the top of a staircase to be Wizard Locked. Pyrcival climbed a wall to try getting in another way… and found something he was not expecting.

To be continued…


For reference: 200 cp = 20 sp = 2 ep = 1 gp = 1/5 pp

Arness: Bracers, cloak, robes, crown
Tellish: Bracers, cloak, plate mail, shield, flail
Miscellanous armor and arms from guards
Treasure: 0gp (0gp each)


Base xp for showing up: 100xp each
Tellish: 1,000xp
Arness: 1,000xp
7 guards: 2,100xp
10 archers: 3,000xp
Journal entries, sketches, or baked goods (): 500xp (individually)
Treasure: 0xp
Group Total: 7100xp (887.5xp each)

Roleplaying moments and quotables

Dangling Threads of Fate

The Duke of Highport is dead, killed on his wedding night, in a locked room alone with the Princess
The Wizard Jim is also dead, killed a few days later, by an unknown assailant
Pyro has fallen in battle...
How to invest your ill-gotten gains...


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