Session 65 Notes

We left the party attempting to return a princess to her arranged wedding, but our viewpoint shifts to follow a new group of adventurers, some of whom were last seen in Restenford fighting wererats or fighting undead near Darkshelf, and some who are entirely new to us. Elmond, an elf with attention-deficit disorder, was traveling with some chance-met companions within the Bandit Kingdoms, heading towards Rookroost. His companions were: Rumble, a wood elven druid; Valadin, a fallen paladin with an unholy passenger; and Seb, a halfing thief.

The caravan stopped at an inn for the night, where everyone arranged to stay. While having dinner in the common room, however, the four adventurers could not help but overhear four of the locals talking about their plans to explore the lair of a lich that lay conveniently nearby. They had a crudely-drawn map, and a poor explanation of how they came across it, but the four adventurers agreed -- after quite a few rounds of the local ale -- to accompany the locals on their exploration. There would be enough treasure for all.

Session 65 notes

Sun Oct 20 19:32:35 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

Session 64 Notes

As we left the party, they had captured the Princess, claimed they were agents of the Duke sent to return her to her wedding, polymorphed her into a falcon, and promptly took a vacation to train. Thic Duc still needs to find a monk to train with.

As part of the time spent training, the party got some of their discovered magic items identified. They chose to sell the Ring of Shooting Stars for 18,000gp, and spent 600 gp identifying other items. (Apples that cure disease, a cursed clear crystal ball). Then, while the Princess was out hawking with Barron, they discussed plans for separating her from her magic items so they could get a proper read on her alignment and emotional state. They decided to wait until they were all on a ship from Restenford to Highport, then ask her to turn back into a Princess (rather than her current falcon form), take her magical items, and attempt to read her alignment each time. Things did not go as planned.

Session Notes

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Session 63 notes

Having obtained the Princess by interrupting her bath and stealing her clothes, the party promptly polymorphed her into a falcon and took 5 days of vacation to train.

Session Notes

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Session 62 notes

A tragic moment, as Leah's boon companion Pyro falls in battle to a wizard's ball of lightning. And yet, somewhere within the animated gifs, a hint of hope can be found, if you look closely... Also, congratulations to Barron, who no longer needs to restrain his thiefly talents, and Ahira, who really needs to train before I notice that she's probably 889 xp over her NEXT level total, and Pyrcival, who's probably been at least 5th level all along and just holding back to give his trainee a chance to learn from valuable mistakes or something.

Hidden within the paperwork is a map of a caravan route that leads to another slaver stronghold, and hints of the organization's plans. More details will follow.

Session Notes

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Session 61 notes

Session notes are up. Thanks to Erica for an amazing cake. Everyone appreciated it very much.

Thanks also for notes from Tiberium and Pyrcival, with sketch from Amathar.

I'm going to try to resume my usual narratives starting next time, but contributions will remain welcome.

Session 61 notes

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Session 60 notes

Experience posted, and Jeff contributed an absolutely amazing sketch in the style of the original DMG illustrations. Thanks Jeff! Credit was also given for baked goods. Session 60 Notes

Mon Sep 16 01:59:14 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

Session 59 notes

Looks like Ahira broke 2nd level (but still needs to train). We left the group with Barron thinking he is a solid gold statue (he probably will not make it next two sessions). There was some discussion about doing a one off game next time and/or the time after that, depending on attendance. Session 58 notes

Mon Sep 16 01:58:10 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

Campaign Notes from Overlord Campaign

Session 58, with journal entries from several characters.

Mon Sep 16 01:56:42 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

Session Notes from Overlord campaign

In which the party infiltrates a slaver hideaway by slaughtering them without mercy.

Session 57

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Session Notes from Overlord campaign

Pretty bare bones update today. What little free time I thought I had over the next few months appears to have been taken out back and shot. I will probably start asking for volunteers from the party to write up what happened during each session. Hopefully that's only a temporary thing.

Session Notes

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Overlord Campaign Session 56 Notes

Preliminary notes up. Contributions (so far) from Pyrcival, Tiberium, and Otto (500xp each). I will continue to flesh out the narrative, but I have the contents of the Hello Kitty Spellbook and the Princess's Diary.

We found so little gold this session that I didn't bother to update it on the web, but it will be included in next game's totals (I did record it in the spreadsheet). 3gp each plus 1 silver per day of labor for those who worked.

Session Notes

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Overlord Campaign Reminder for June 15th

Usual time and place. Last time, the party finally resolved the charges against them, and mentioned to the Duke their suspicions about the wedding. Unfortunately they did not present much evidence, and the context was... not exactly favorable to their case. ("The accused pirates and admitted assault and batterers would like to allege that your future wife is plotting to kill you.") Still, perhaps they will find more evidence, now that they are not dealing with the guards. Hopefully, something more than talking will happen this time, because after last time, I'm hoarse. At least I get to administer the judicial lashings to the guilty and the not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity to start things off.

The Princess's ship is due to arrive in a day or two. Presumably, she's on it, though the party have questioned whether this might be a ruse. There is some time to prepare if anyone can think of something useful and/or crazy to do. No, Barron, that is not an invitation.

I have been and will be doing some reshuffling of the website, so if stuff breaks temporarily, don't panic.

Last Session

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