Session 69 Notes

The party enters Garrotten, acquires lodging, and begins their investigation.

No video this time; we got a few minutes worth but it mysteriously stopped. I'll try looking into a command line recorder next time so I'm not at the mercy of squinting at a UI that doesn't make recording status clear from across the room. Also, I'm still working on editing the video from session 68.

Next game is December 28th by the usual schedule which is very close to Christmas. I'm fine with having it then but the chance of people traveling and such is high. If you won't be here or able to attend on the 28th please let us know here (and, if you can make the weekend before or after, that too). Historically it's been better not to try to hard to reschedule games to work around missing folks, but this day may have a critical mass of people missing so we'll at least consider it.

Session Notes (Note there is a new "clues" page that will span multiple sessions)

Thu Dec 19 05:08:42 CST 2019 by Matthew.

Session 68 Notes

There was a wedding and a funeral. Ruby gained a level. Leah gained a level last time and for the sake of moving the plot along I will assume she trained while Thic Duc was fasting. Perhaps she was hunting ducks to wave under his nose as a form of monastic temptation?

Since the events of the module The Assassin's Knot have begun, the party should decide whether they want to rearrange characters before we get too involved. Some might wish to set off on an expedition against the slavers, or at least begin preparations for it.

Brieanna, when you get a chance I need to know how much of your starting cash you have left and a paragraph or two of character background.

Session Notes

Thu Dec 19 05:06:38 CST 2019 by Matthew.

Session 67 Notes

The party attempted to resolve the matter of the custom's inspector...

Session Notes

Thu Dec 19 05:05:39 CST 2019 by Matthew.

Session 66 Notes

I've also left most of Purity's story out so I can figure it out in more detail. The short version is that she mentioned some sort of prophecy from her time, centuries ago, that may become relevant...

Experience points for finding the princess were distributed to everyone who participated (ie, including Thic Duc), but physical rewards for only for those brave enough to show up and claim them. Among the noteworthy rewards are a forgiveness of debt for Warin and a special ring for Leah.

A number of levels were gained: Leah, Pyrzival, Ahira.

Session Notes

Thu Dec 19 05:04:59 CST 2019 by Matthew.

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