Overlord Campaign Session 56 Notes

Preliminary notes up. Contributions (so far) from Pyrcival, Tiberium, and Otto (500xp each). I will continue to flesh out the narrative, but I have the contents of the Hello Kitty Spellbook and the Princess's Diary.

We found so little gold this session that I didn't bother to update it on the web, but it will be included in next game's totals (I did record it in the spreadsheet). 3gp each plus 1 silver per day of labor for those who worked.

Session Notes

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Mon Jun 17 14:18:58 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

Overlord Campaign Reminder for June 15th

Usual time and place. Last time, the party finally resolved the charges against them, and mentioned to the Duke their suspicions about the wedding. Unfortunately they did not present much evidence, and the context was... not exactly favorable to their case. ("The accused pirates and admitted assault and batterers would like to allege that your future wife is plotting to kill you.") Still, perhaps they will find more evidence, now that they are not dealing with the guards. Hopefully, something more than talking will happen this time, because after last time, I'm hoarse. At least I get to administer the judicial lashings to the guilty and the not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity to start things off.

The Princess's ship is due to arrive in a day or two. Presumably, she's on it, though the party have questioned whether this might be a ruse. There is some time to prepare if anyone can think of something useful and/or crazy to do. No, Barron, that is not an invitation.

I have been and will be doing some reshuffling of the website, so if stuff breaks temporarily, don't panic.

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Wed Jun 12 18:00:25 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

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