Session 61 notes

Session notes are up. Thanks to Erica for an amazing cake. Everyone appreciated it very much.

Thanks also for notes from Tiberium and Pyrcival, with sketch from Amathar.

I'm going to try to resume my usual narratives starting next time, but contributions will remain welcome.

Session 61 notes

Mon Sep 16 02:01:01 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

Session 60 notes

Experience posted, and Jeff contributed an absolutely amazing sketch in the style of the original DMG illustrations. Thanks Jeff! Credit was also given for baked goods. Session 60 Notes

Mon Sep 16 01:59:14 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

Session 59 notes

Looks like Ahira broke 2nd level (but still needs to train). We left the group with Barron thinking he is a solid gold statue (he probably will not make it next two sessions). There was some discussion about doing a one off game next time and/or the time after that, depending on attendance. Session 58 notes

Mon Sep 16 01:58:10 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

Campaign Notes from Overlord Campaign

Session 58, with journal entries from several characters.

Mon Sep 16 01:56:42 CDT 2019 by Matthew.

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